Houshang Touzie

Actor, playwright, and director Houshang Touzie was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. It was there, while still a teen, that Houshang began his professional acting career. Soon after, he became a member of Tehran’s prestigious Theatre Workshop, an avant-garde theatre company. While a member of Theatre Workshop, Houshang acted in numerous productions as well as wrote and directed his first original play, Sobh Ra Dar Konje In Khaneh Majoo (Do Not Seek Morning In A Corner Of This House), which went on to become part of the Company s repertory.

In 1986, Touzie once again reignited his passion for theater by birthing the Los Angeles based theater company, Workshop 79. In the 27 years since Workshop 79 s inception, Houshang has written, directed, produced, and acted in over a dozen original plays with the company. Workshop 79 is currently rehearsing Touzie's latest play, Achmaz, a suspenseful comedy opening this fall.

In 1979, Touzie left Iran for New York City in order to continue his acting career in theater. While in NYC, he worked onstage with La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, and in Salome by Oscar Wilde as well as Jean-Claude Van Itallie's The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Then in 1983, Houshang was cast by distinguished Iranian Filmmaker Parviz Sayyad as the lead in what was to become an award winning feature film, Ferestadeh. Once again he found himself moving west, this time to the Golden Coast.

Houshang migrated to Los Angeles, California in 1985. In L.A., he became a member of the Screen Actor's Guild through his work in John Landis' hit movie, Into the Night. In the years that followed, he appeared in television shows such as The A-Team, The Fall Guy, Murder She Wrote, Capitol, The Bette Midler Show and Agency. His film credits continued with Checkpoint (Parviz Sayyad), The Guests of Hotel Astoria (Reza Allamehzadeh), America So Beautiful (Babak Shokrian), and Shirin Neshat's Ferver.